Only pages or posts that are setup using Page Builder can be cloned.  Posts can be copied into Pages and vice versa.

(See all Aurora WordPress Training)

  1. Create a new page/post or go to an existing page/post that you want to have content from another page/post.
    New Page or Post window
  2. Click on Page Builder.
    Visual Editor - Page Builder Tab
  3. Click on Layouts or Prebuilt Layout.  Pages/Posts using Page Builder layout will be listed.  
    Page Builder Layouts - Clone Pages
  4. Click on Clone: Pages or Clone: Posts.
  5. The available Pages or Post will be listed, select one.
  6. Click Insert.
  7. Select whether you want to insert the contents after what’s currently on the Page/Post, before what’s currently on the Page/Post, or replace anything that’s currently on the page. 
    1. On replace, click on "Replace current" and then click on "Are you sure?"