Gravity PDF is a plugin that automatically submits emails as PDF attachments. This plugin is available upon request through

Gravity PDFs are not ADA compliant. The content needs to be included within email notifications. Visit the IT Accessibility website for more information.

Once the feature is activated, you can use it.

  1. Set up your form.
  2. Under Settings, click on Notification(s) to check for available options
    check notifications for available options
  3. Click on PDF.
    click on pdf
  4. Click on Add New.
    click add new
  5. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Name.
    2. Template. To select an available Template or add a New Template, click on the drop-down arrow.
    3. Notifications. Click on Notifications and select from the available notifications.
      notification options

    4. Filename. The name used when saving a PDF; mergetags are allowed (ex. Hat-Invoice-{Name (First):2.3}-{Name (Last):2.6}).
    5. More options for configuration can be found under Appearance, Template, or Advanced.
  6. Click Add PDF.