The Survey Add-On allows you to easily collect and analyze data on your target audience; market research, customer satisfaction, employee surveys, job satisfaction surveys – anything is possible.

The Survey field introduces three new field types geared towards surveys: Likert, Rating, and Rank. The Survey field is accessible in the Form Editor within the Advanced Fields toolbox.

The integrated Survey Results display allows you to view your survey results and filter the results data based on your needs. You can view Survey Results for any form that contains a Survey field by clicking on the Results link on the Gravity Forms toolbar.

Adding Survey Fields to Your Form

  1. In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to New Form under the Forms navigation, or edit an existing form.
  2. Add a Survey field to your form from the Advanced Fields toolbox.
  3. Edit the field and configure the options – Likert, Rank, Rating, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, or Drop Down – using the Survey Field Type option.
  4. Enter the survey question in the Survey Question box.
  5. Enter the answer choices in the Choices interface.
  6. Save your form.

survey options

Survey Results

You can view the results of your survey and filter this data based on date and field selection by going to the Results > Survey Results. If you have multiple add-ons installed that support Results, you will need to roll over the "Results” navigation item, and then select “Survey Results."

survey results

Exporting Form Entries

To enable further analysis or manipulation in external tools, see How to Export Form Entries.