Faculty and staff can edit content in Aurora. 

To edit content in Aurora, 

  1. Log into the website. 
  2. Go to the page that you wish to edit.
  3. Click on Edit Page on the Aurora WordPress toolbar. 

    The page can be viewed three ways: Visual, Text or Page Builder.
    • Visual editor is the default view, and is similar to Word. 
    • Text is the code view. 
    • Page Builder is used to lay out your page.
    • If the page was converted to Page Builder, there would only be Revert to Editor tab.

      • This format builds page content using “Widgets” embedded within Rows and Columns. 

      • This format is the ideal option because it allows you to build a page using rows and columns, giving you unlimited flexibility in laying out your page content.

        If you click on Revert to Editor, you will lose the Page Builder layout and any of the widgets that were set up.

  4. As you update the page,

    1. Use the Visual Editor to add content to a basic page.

    2. Click the Preview Changes to view the page without publishing the changes you made.

    3. To publish the page, click on Update.

    4. To view the updates that were published, click View Page.

Aurora WordPress Content, Toolbars and Links Training Video

For more information, review the Aurora WordPress Training page. 

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