If you would like to track your site statistics, you'll need to setup Google Analytics.


  1. Create a Google account for your department, school, college, or other functional group.
    • You'll want to avoid using a personal Google/Gmail account. You will be able to give other google accounts access to these stats afterwards.
  2. Log in to Google Analytics
  3. Click the ADMIN tab in the lower left
  4. Click the + Create Account button
  5. Fill out the form using the final URL that your site will use once launched. If you're using a temporary address, hold off on this step until you've launched the site and then use the final URL.
  6. Click 'Get Tracking ID'
  7. Click 'I accept'
  8. Copy the Tacking ID. It starts with "UA-"
  9. Log in to your site
  10. Go to Beehive Pro > Tracking ID
  11. Paste in your tracking code
  12. You will be able to start viewing statistics within 1-2 days

Accessing Your Google Analytics

Sign in to Analytics