Cornerstone-based sites have options for different navigation styles. These options are:

  • Dropdowns
  • Multi-level Dropdown
  • Tabs
  • MaxMegaMenu

Changing Your Navigation Style

  1. On the dashboard go to Appearance > Customize
  2. On the left, there will be an option for Navigation Options
  3. Click on the dropdown menu to see the 3 options.
    1. Dropdown - This option begins with a simple dropdown for the first to level of navigation, with additional pages being displayed in a left navigation bar.
    2. Multi-Level Dropdown - This option expands the dropdown menu, and removes the left navigation. Dropdowns will expand to the side forever. We recommend not using this option for navigation that has more than 3 levels of depth, as it can be difficult for users to navigate the options. Large sites should consider using the Tabbed option.
    3. Tabs - In this option, the first two levels of the navigation are exposed in horizontal bars and all other levels are available through dropdown menus.

      If you do not see these options, you either are not using a supported theme or you have enabled the Max Mega Menu plugin. You will need to disable MaxMegaMenu before other options are available. To disable or enable MaxMegaMenu you must send an email to with a link to your site.

Sticky Navigation

When set to be On, the top navigation will always sticks to the top of the screen as visitors scroll down pages.


Breadcrumbs are based off of Parent/Child page hierarchy. When set to be On, breadcrumbs navigation will show up on child(ren) pages. For more information view our breadcrumb guide.

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