An entire site can be set to private. This is ideal for an Intranet of a large school or department.
Only Site Administrators are able to modify settings.

  1. Log into the site
  2. Go to Settings > Reading : Site Visibility.
  3.  Restrict access to:
    1. All active UConn NetID's
    2. All Users of this site
    3. Admins and Editors
    4. Admins and Editors of the site, and the following NetID's
      1. List the NetID's in the box.
    5. Save Changes

Having a private site will limit the access to the site/pages and any media files (images, documents and etc.) within the site. A user is required to login using their NetID to view the private site and will be prompted to do so when accessing a media file directly. When a site is set as private, all media files are moved to a private folder thus changing the URL.

Keep in mind that these sites do not meet legal standards for security.