Sidebars are used to add content and features on your page.  You first need to create the sidebars and then add widgets to the sidebar.


You can create a sidebar by going to Appearance > Manage Sidebars. Under Add New Sidebar, type a name for your sidebar and click 'Add'.

Once a sidebar has been created, add widgets to it by going to Appearance > Widgets. You will see available widgets on the left side of the page and sidebars on the right. Simply drag and drop a widget onto the sidebar in which you want it to appear. Note that the Default sidebar automatically appears with Archives, Search Results, and when viewing single posts.

To get a sidebar you've created to appear on a specific page:

  1. Edit the page
  2. Under Page Settings, select the sidebar. 
  3. Check the box to apply the sidebar to all child pages. 

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