Velvet Blues Update URLs is a plugin on Aurora allows site administrators to update links on the website. This tool should be run after a site goes live (changing domain from to

Site administrators should go to Dashboard>Tools>Update URLs and enter information and check the appropriate check boxes as in the screenshot below:

If the old website was also on Aurora and you've exported and imported the site contents from the old website to the new website, after the new website goes live, you should run this tool to update all the media file links to point to the new site's media library. When you edit a media file in the media library, you'll see media file URL in the File URL field on the right. The URL is usually in the format of, in this case, you only need to take note of the siteID for the old site and the new site and then in URL updater:

Old URL: (example:
New URL: (example:
Check the first 4 check boxes and click the blue Update URLs NOW button.