This article is for users seeking information regarding how to use Aurora's Revisionize tool. Revisionize clones your page or post to a draft, which gives you the freedom to tweak and edit without modifying the live, published content. When the revision is published, your content changes will be copied back to the original post. Alternatively, you can schedule the revision to publish your content sometime in the future.

The scheduled time is not precise, if the post is scheduled at 9am it would post some time before 10am. A scan runs every hour on each site.

To use Revisionize,

  1. Go to All Pages.
  2. Hover over the Page or Post you want to modify,
  3. Click on Revisionize.
    1. Alternatively, you can:
      1. Edit the page.
      2. Click on Revisionize to create a revision.
  4. Modify the content.

  5. On the Publish module, there are multiple functions. 

    1. Click Save Draft to update the revision.

    2. Click Edit in the Published on: section to schedule the revision.

    3. Click Publish or Update to overwrite the original.

      Clicking Publish or Update will overwrite the original, while clicking Save Draft  will update the revision.

All Pages

The image below shows what All Pages looks like with the original published, and two revision scheduled.

The image below shows what All Pages looks like with the original moved to draft, one revision published and one revision scheduled.