This article shows step by step instructions that ITS Technology Support Center student workers can use for entering their availability in HuskyTime, the ITS TSC student time tracking system.

After logging in to Husky Time, click on the Schedule menu.

Next click Available and you will see a Calendar to add your availability. If you are available and willing to work a shift, add that availability in.

Fit your availability as close to the shift templates as possible.  An example is provided below.

When adding availability, please enter your availability based on the shift templates. If the actual time you can work does not fit into a template we provided, put your availability into the shift that fits closest. We can work with you if have a class before or after a shift and need to leave early or start late.

Please only add your availability if you can commit to at least 2 hours of the shift

  • If you are available 12:30-3 (when the shift is 11:30-3) you may enter your availability as 12:30-3pm
  • If you are available 10:30-3 (remember, shifts are 8-11:30 and 11:30-3:00),  then only enter your availability as 11:30-3 as you cannot make at least 2 hours of the morning shift.

Shift times are:

Monday – Thursday
8:00am -11:30am
11:30am -3:00pm



Click the appropriate time and day on the calendar to add your availability for the semester.

Do not use the “Next Day” check box.  That is used for shifts that include midnight.

Select Add and your availability will be added to the calendar.

Add your availability for the remainder of the week, fitting availability into shift templates as closely as possible.  

There is currently an enhancement in progress to enable Callout and Planned Time Off functionalities in a future release.

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