This article is for faculty, students, and staff, and provides background information about the UConn Event Calendar, as well as an overview of its tools and features and a list of service contacts. 

The UConn Events Calendar is composed of hundreds of separate calendars, all combined into a single view. It is the official resource for students, faculty, staff and guests to view and post events taking place on all UConn campuses. 

Calendar Users

The events calendar is overseen by Calendar Managers and Calendar Admins. 

Calendar Manager

Calendar Managers can:

  • Approve new events for a calendar
  • Edit or delete existing events
  • Submit events to their calendar directly, skipping approval.

Calendar Admin

  • Have all the same permissions as a Calendar Manager
  • Add or delete people from the managers list
  • Promote a manager to Admin (doing so, however, revokes their own admin access)
  • Be listed as the primary contact person for that calendar, but not for each event.
  • Control the Calendar Settings, like allowing public submission.

Public Event Submission

Anyone at UConn, so long as they have a valid NetID, can submit an event to the Event Calendar. Upon logging in with their NetID credentials, users can submit an event by selecting a calendar from those that permit public submissions. A submission goes to the admin and manager(s) of the primary calendar where the event was submitted to for approval. Modification on the event after submission can be made by the primary calendar admin and manager(s).

Cross-listing Events

All Calendar Managers can cross-list an event. While events are organized by a single calendar, they can be cross-listed with many others. When an event is cross-listed, this means that it appears in not only its original calendar, but also in other calendars that choose to list the event.

Managers who wish to edit and make changes to the event will only be able to do so via the organizing/primary calendar—i.e., the calendar to which the event was originally posted. Changes cannot be made to the other calendars that list the event.