Calendar Admin and Manager(s) can access the Control Panel with the “Control Panel” button located in the bottom left of the screen. Once you’ve logged in, this button changes to the Inbox.

Inbox (button with your name on it)

  • This button opens your personal inbox, and displays the number of items (if any) awaiting action
  • The inbox contains
    • PUBLIC : Initial requests from the public to have you be the primary organizer of an event, if your calendar allows public submissions.
      • Denying these requests will prevent them from being entered into the system.
    • CROSSLIST: Requests from other calendar managers to cross-list an event they are organizing.
      • denying these requests will simply not add them to your calendar. They will not delete the event from the system.

Twice everyday calendar Admin and Managers receive reminder emails from the system when there's any event pending for approval/denial in the Inbox at 4am and 6pm. If you receive the reminder email but see no pending event(s) in the Inbox, the other admin/manager(s) has gone in and approved/denied the event(s).


Calendar Selector

  • If you have access to more than one calendar in the system, you can click on this button to choose between them.
  • You can use the search box to quickly find a specific calendar among a large list.



  • Visible only to the Admin of a calendar.
  • This controls the list of managers for a calendar.
  • New managers are added by their NetID.
  • You may add a nickname to help you remember whose NetID that is.
  • Promoting a Manager to Admin will demote you back to a Manager, and you will lose access to this tool afterwards. So do so mindfully!



  • Visible only to the Admin of a calendar.
  • Allow Public Submissions checkbox: Adds your calendar to those available for public event submissions. Unchecking this will prevent others from submitting events with you as the organizer.
  • Allow Cross-Listing Invites (Promotional Invites): When checked, allows the managers of other calendars to send you an invitation to cross-promote an event they are organizing. Unckecked will remove this option.
  • Unchecking both of the above will prevent any items from appearing in the inbox, and will therefore stop most notifications.
  • Make Calendar Events Private: Any events submitted with your calendar set as the primary calendar will not show up on the events calendar home page or the All Calendars list, they will only show up when viewing your specific calendar.



  • This contains a history of recent activity on a particular calendar. The most recent entries are listed in a table, and a button provides the option to download a full history of all actions associated with a calendar.
  • This is primarily a troubleshooting tool, but can also be used to track the efforts of multiple calendar managers.