• By default, the calendar displays all events from all 200+ calendars in the system.
  • This control can be used to reduce the number of visible events to a specific calendar.
  • If you haven’t disabled cookies on your computer, the calendar will remember what calendars you’ve looked at recently and will load them as options in the Calendar bar.
  • The Calendar bar will remember which calendar you had selected in your previous visit, and load only events from that calendar.
  • The Calendar bar will can be closed or opened with the”Calendar” button above it, to allow for more room to view events.

Timespan Controls

  • These buttons control how many days you wish to view at one time.
  • By default, the calendar is in Week view.
  • The arrow to the left moves the visible dates back by one timespan. The arrow on the right moves the timespan forward.


  • This button will always load the timespan that includes the current day.
  • Today’s date will always be shown with a light blue background.