With the URL Shortener app, anyone with a UConn NetID can take a long URL and can create a short URL for it. This short URL will direct people to the same page as the full URL.

A short URL can be useful when you have character limits.

Create a short URL

  1. Go to s.uconn.edu.
  2. Click NetID Login, and then enter your NetID and password.
    NetID Login button
  3. The next page lists the short URLs you have created. To create a new short URL, click Create Short URL.
    Create Short URL button
  4. Enter the full, long URL in the first line. The other fields are optional.
    1. If you want a specific short URL, enter that in the second line. Whatever you select will follow this format: s.uconn.edu/...

      Create Short URL page

      If the requested short URL has already been created by another user, you will see a message that it already exists. Choose a different short URL.

    2. If you do not specify a short URL, the system will generate one for you.

  5. Click Create Short URL. You will see the message “Your URL has been added: s.uconn.edu/…” if you were successful.

If you do not enter a title for the entry, the system will pull one from the webpage listed. Edit the entry to change it.