Only pages or posts that are setup using Page Builder can be cloned.  Posts can be copied into Pages and vice versa.

  1. Create a new page/post or go to an existing page/post that you want to have content from another page/post.
    New Page or Post window
  2. Click on Page Builder.
    Visual Editor - Page Builder Tab
  3. Click on Layouts or Prebuilt Layout.  Pages/Posts using Page Builder layout will be listed.  
    Page Builder Layouts - Clone Pages
  4. Click on Clone: Pages or Clone: Posts.
  5. The available Pages or Post will be listed, select one.
  6. Click Insert.
  7. Select whether you want to insert the contents after what’s currently on the Page/Post, before what’s currently on the Page/Post, or replace anything that’s currently on the page. 
    1. On replace, click on "Replace current" and then click on "Are you sure?"

Watch the following Aurora Admin video 13  Page Builder (17:21) (CC)