Administrators on an Aurora website can add/remove webmasters and assign the people different roles. 

To do this, you will need the NetID or the UConn email address of the person you are adding.

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To add a user, log into the site.  Then go to Users > Add New.

Fill in the Form

  • NetID -- Enter the User's NetID or UConn email address.
  • Role -- Specify the User's Role as one of the following:
    • Subscriber -- Can only edit their profile details — cannot add photos or access the media library.
    • Profile User -- Can edit their profile details, upload their own photo, and access the media library.
    • Contributor Without Media -- Can edit their profile details and profile pages but cannot access the media library (upload own photos or CVs).
    • Contributor -- Can edit their profile details, create profile page, and access the media library (upload photos or CVs), but will need Author, Editor, or Administrator to publish the profile page.
    • Author -- Can edit their profile details, create and publish profile page, and access the medial library (upload photos or CVs).
    • Editor -- Has access over the content and media but cannot update the appearance or add users.
    • Administrator -- Has full access to site, can change appearance, and can add users.
  • Confirmation Email -- Uncheck this box to stop the system from sending a confirmation email.