All Aurora WordPress sites need to have the UConn Banner and have a domain with to be compliant with the UConn Web Standards. Requests with non-UConn domains (e.g., .org, .net) will not be processed.

Your Aurora account allows you make a website from within your web browser. View our list of current, planned, and potential features, and see the Aurora Knowledge Base for more information about this service.

Anyone using this system must agree to go through the online Aurora WordPress Training.


Fully subsidized to those listed as eligible in the following section.


Available to all Schools, Colleges, Divisions, Departments, Centers, Institutes, Research Labs, Projects, individual Faculty, or Graduate Students

Domain Name Guidelines

The University is working to improve our top-level domain structure, and is reserved for Schools/Colleges, Regional Campuses, and Interdisciplinary Institutes and Centers.

You can build off an existing domain for your website (e.g.,

All 3rd level domain requests,, will be sent to Communications for approval. Additionally, we encourage you to avoid abbreviations in your domain name to enhance the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Other Options

Faculty, Graduate Students, and Researchers can use the official UConn email address as a reference. For instance, if your email is, the website address will be

All Registered Student Organizations and Student Activities must be approved through Department of Student Activities by filling out the Student Organization Website Form.

New account is created with a temporary URL.